Terms and Conditions of Use of the BancoEstado Website

By the fact of accessing or using in any way, the BancoEstado website, the user declares to know and accept the terms and conditions of use established below:

  1. Any user who enters this website may consult, download, print or reproduce the material available therein, as long as it does not alter its content and exclusively for personal use or the legal entity or organization to which it belongs, mentioning the property of BancoEstado on the material or information, either as source and / or author thereof, as applicable. If you want to use the information contained in this site for any purpose other than those indicated, you must request express authorization from BancoEstado.
  2. BancoEstado reserves the right to limit or block access to its website in case of anomalous behavior of entry or use thereof and which, in the exclusive judgment of the Bank, may affect the availability or integrity of its website.
  3. The content of this site and the publications it discloses are protected by Law No. 17.336 on Intellectual Property, being strictly prohibited the commercialization, distribution, circulation or transmission in any form and under any title of the material or information contained in this website. , without the prior written authorization of BancoEstado. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is recorded that the material or information indicated above may be used without obtaining authorization from BancoEstado, in all those cases authorized by law.
  4. BancoEstado does not grant, nor has it granted, its sponsorship, sponsorship, endorsement or authorization to third parties regarding the commercialization, distribution or transmission on its own account of data of any nature included in its website. In case of information from other sources expressly indicated on the website, the interested party or user must request their consent for their reproduction.
  5. The contents of this website are offered for informational purposes only and free of charge, with the aim of contributing to the inclusion and financial education, for which BancoEstado does not assume any responsibility, nor does it grant any kind of guarantee for the use or application that is make such information, especially as regards its accuracy, validity or integrity.
  6. The use of this website and the information it contains, is made under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user, who expressly declares that he knows and accepts that BancoEstado is not liable or assumes any obligation for losses, damages, expenses or any other damage that could have its origin or cause in the access to this website or the use of its contents, freeing BancoEstado of all and any responsibility.
  7. The use or application of the contents or information on this website does not exempt users from verifying it with the official sources cited.
  8. The personal data that BancoEstado requires from users of this website through any of the services provided through it, such as email address or any other, will not be disclosed, disclosed, transmitted or marketed to third parties.
  9. The user must refrain from sending messages or attaching files that are not functional to the content and purpose of this website or of a strictly institutional nature, such as advertisements, computer viruses, chains, material or defamatory, obscene or unlawful information, or any other, what the user expressly declares to know and accept.
  10. For the purposes of these terms and conditions of use are included within the concept of "information", among others, computer programs and copies of these that BancoEstado de Chile disclose or make available to users of this site for the purposes that deems appropriate to authorize.
  11. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of use of this website will result in civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities provided by law.
  12. BancoEstado reserves the right to modify, add, limit or discontinue, in its sole discretion, the structure, presentation and contents of this site, as well as to deny access to users, companies or organizations that violate these terms and conditions of use, what will qualify at your discretion.
  13. BancoEstado reserves the discretional and unilateral right to modify these terms and conditions of use when deemed appropriate, which shall be understood as accepted by the user for the sole fact of continuing to use the website, once the respective modifications have been incorporated.
  14. Any conflict, controversy or litigation arising from the access, use or application of this site, or the information it contains, will be the exclusive competence of the Ordinary Courts of Justice.