Commitment to Sustainability

With more than 166 years of history, we are the only public bank in Chile. Our journey could not be understood apart from the development of the country. We have grown together with its institutions supporting millions of clients, people and companies.

Our social role is a constant effort to integrate all the country's inhabitants into the financial system to improve their quality of life and support them in their development. This purpose requires us to permanently review the barriers to access imposed by the market on the most vulnerable socioeconomic population to intervene where gaps in inclusion are generated.

This condition of the local market drives us to provide products, services and channels specially designed so that everyone can have access to the financial system. Thus, our commitment to people, the community, companies and entrepreneurs, the public world and care for the environment, require us to be a sustainable bank to continue contributing to improving the quality of life and well-being of all the country's inhabitants.


Principles of our Sustainability Policy

The Corporate Sustainability Policy integrates the necessary dimensions to address those matters that account for the new challenges of today's world: human rights, honest and transparent conduct, non-discrimination, inclusion and commitment to the environment, among others. Likewise, it also defines collaborative work with those groups of people and institutions that are directly and indirectly related to BancoEstado in the development of its activities.


Integration of social and environmental criteria

Promote the integration of social and environmental criteria in the Bank's decision-making process through all its processes and throughout the value chain.

Respect for human rights

Promote and respect Human Rights under the guidance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other internationally recognized frameworks adopted by the State of Chile. Within this framework, BancoEstado prohibits all harassment, abuse or inappropriate treatment, and any type of discrimination in all its areas of action with respect to workers, clients, potential clients, suppliers, contractors or any person who interacts with the institution.

Compliance with legislation

Comply with current legislation and favor free competition practices, as well as regularly review and strengthen the practices of its Corporate Governance.

Transparency and information

Promote transparency through the establishment of sufficient communication channels to clearly and concisely disseminate information that has an impact on society.

Prevention of illicit conduct

Establish the necessary measures to prevent and prevent BancoEstado products and services from being used for the practice of illicit conduct, such as the financing of terrorism, money laundering and fraud; additionally, and with this same objective, actively collaborate with regulators.

Risk management

Prudently manage financial and non-financial risks through supervision mechanisms included in the Corporate Risk Map.

Due Process for Complaints

Keep a channel available to workers, suppliers, customers, the community and any interested party that allows them to report behaviors that do not comply with the standards set forth in current legislation or in the codes of conduct established by the Bank.

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