Our footprint

We exist to accompany all people and companies in the country by providing financial solutions for the achievement of their life projects, being a powerful public policy tool that supports Chile in its path towards comprehensive development.

Social Footprint

As Chile’s only public bank, we aspire to improve our clients’ quality of life and that of the country’s citizens in general by fostering financial inclusion, expanding our geographical coverage, supporting smaller companies, developing a multichannel model with an emphasis on online channels and promoting financial education, responsible borrowing and saving as a tool for social mobility.

We seek

As part of our role in fostering the country’s development and social well-being, we have opted to expand our channels of communication to include information about our impact on society. In this context, Social Footprint allows us to measure the results of our initiatives, facilitating their monitoring and contributing to their effectiveness and the fulfillment of our objectives.

We search

  1. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of what we do.
  2. To have a system that integrates our initiatives and products with each client and with each of our pillars of development.
  3. To be ever more transparent.
  4. To be a channel that allows the progress of financial education in Chile.


We have adopted a framework of evaluation based on the experience of the world’s leading development banks.

Our method consists in designing products and programs based on the results we want to obtain.

We search

  1. To identify clients’ needs and where we can act and how we should do so.
  2. To design solutions and monitoring using SMART indicators so that our initiatives can be evaluated.
  3. Monitor results and progress to generate knowledge about what we are doing well and what we are not.
  4. To evaluate impacts in order to extract conclusions and gain knowledge.