Geographical Coverage

BancoEstado is present in all of Chile’s municipal districts through branch offices or CajaVecina points of service. The coverage of these two channels has shown sustained year-by-year growth.

The Bank’s broad geographical coverage allows it to reach 97% of the population through branch offices and offer all its services even in the most remote parts of the country.

  • 100% of municipal districts with CajaVecina
  • 148 municipal districts with only a BancoEstado branch
  • 62 new branches opened in 2014- April 2022
  • 1.7 CajaVecina points per 1,000 inhabitants


BancoEstado’s network consists of 399 branch offices across all the country’s regions, 122 BancoEstadoExpress points of service, 33,654 CajaVecina points, 36 Conecta and 2,309 ATMs (October 2021).

BancoEstado has branches in 270 municipal districts that, together, account for over 97% of the country's population. In 147 of these districts, with a population of 3.3 million, BancoEstado is the only bank with a branch office. Fifteen of these branch offices were established more than a century ago.

Universal Access Program

BancoEstado has an infrastructure plan associated with the Universal Customer Service Program that adds 260 universal branches in BancoEstado and BancoEstado Express (with all its tellers and double-height counters) and 401 offices adjusted for accessibility, which are located georeferenced on our Web and App, in order to guide people with reduced mobility, older adults or those who require them regarding the nearest accessible branch.

With 660 audible ATMs throughout the country, we are the only banking entity that massively takes charge of the barrier of inclusion and accessibility for people with visual disabilities.

In order to deliver clear and understandable information to all people, our website contains information in Mapudungun and Creole.
In addition, we have videos with sign language that deliver the main characteristics of our products and we provide customer service.
of the call center in Creole.

Between 2014 and febrero 2022, BancoEstado opened 62 new branch offices, expanding its network to a total of 399 branches. This is in contrast with the rest of the banking sector which closed some 720 branch offices over the same period.


There are CajaVecina points of service in all the country’s municipal districts including Antarctica and, in those places without bank branch offices, they provide the only access to banking services.

As part of its role of providing “support to the state”, BancoEstado has signed an agreement with Chile’s National Healthcare Fund (FONASA) under which vouchers for attention can be acquired at CajaVecina points of service. As of October 2021, they had issued more than 1.3 million vouchers in a year.


BancoEstado’s network of 2,334 ATMs is the largest in the country and, in 58 of the country’s municipal districts, it is the only provider of this service. This channel reaches an availability of86% in the network.

Key figures:

  • 30% of the country’s ATMs
  • 28% in metropolitan areas (Santiago Region and Regions II, V and VIII)
  • 36% in the other regions
  • 37% of all ATMs in the Araucanía and Maule Regions)