Financial Education

BancoEstado views financial education as a tool to serve the country’s citizens who, with clear and transparent information, are able to take better decisions. Better informed people can improve their quality of life and that of their families.

An essential part of the work in financial inclusion is achieved when people are able to get the most out of financial products and services, consolidating their permanence in the economic system. To this end, we have developed initiatives that inform and educate on basic aspects so that users can make appropriate decisions in the field of their personal finances.

  • 170,000 followers in "En Facil y en chileno"'s Facebook
  • 320,000 web visits to "En Facil y en chileno" during 2021
  • 93,000 participants in "Programa Emprende" during 2021
  • 4.4 millions web visits to "Programa Emprende" during 2021
  • 307,000 women in CreceMujer during 2021
  • 16 millions web visits to "CreceMujer" during 2021

Important role in financial education

The web platform "En Fácil y en Chileno" ( is a financial education site that seeks to provide knowledge and develop specific skills and abilities in the financial field and personal finance, through a simple and familiar language. , with content formulated to be accessible to the largest number of users.

During 2021 this web portal was redesigned to give greater visibility and dynamism to all content and tools. In addition, we have facilitated its use for workers of public institutions in agreement with BancoEstado, such as employees of JUNJI, Comptroller General of the Republic, Gendarmerie, Carabineros de Chile, the Ministry of Public Works, among others. At the end of 2021, 1,242 people have participated in our Financial Education Course.

Another financial education initiative is the “Know your bills” program, carried out by the Central Bank. This is a virtual training aimed at CajaVecina operators with the aim of providing them with support so that learn to recognize counterfeit bills and in turn manage damaged bills, among other aspects.

Along these same lines, in collaboration with the Central Bank, CajaVecina supported the dissemination of the Campaign “Use Your Coins” whose objective is to encourage the use of coins in commerce, given the shortage of coins in the payment chain. With the message, "If you pay in cash, use your coins", the dissemination was done through the installation of information in the business, emails to operators, alerts in the CajaVecina voucher for customers, information on the web, among others. others.

BancoEstado's Emprende Program

BancoEstado's Emprende Program was born with the aim of supporting and empowering micro and small entrepreneurs in Chile, becoming the strategic partner of this "engine of the economy". Emprende, then, is a support, guidance and networking platform for entrepreneurship. For these purposes, it has the “Gestores Emprende”, executives who provide specialized advice, and the “Academia Emprende”, a web platform where 68% of the Emprende participants have been trained.

Crece Mujer

The CreceMujer Program is a space where women can find orientation, advice and contact networks with public and private organizations, achieving a wide variety of opportunities for development, training and financial education.