Digital Channels

In recent years, electronic means of payment have shown very important growth and, for BancoEstado, its multichannel strategy and the use of online channels are a priority.

Digital channels permit safe transactions and mean an important cost reduction for clients who can also receive government benefits through them. In line with this, BancoEstado is making important efforts to boost its digital channels.

  • 73% of clients’ transactions are electronic (first quarter 2022)
  • 58% correspond to payments by card (March 2021- February 2022)
  • 11.4 million App. 2.0 clients (March 2022)
  • 471 million average transactions per month (first quarter 2022)

Online banking

The growth in the use of digital technologies is increasingly accelerated and has reached all customer segments. In this perspective, BancoEstado's Digital Banking was outlined as a purpose for 2022, to promote and deepen the relationship with and between its customers.

During the year, 9.9 million clients used Internet (website) and 11.4 million used its mobile application, performing a monthly average of 471 million monthly average transactions during the first quarter of 2022 (representing a growth of 31% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In the banking system as a whole as regards Internet, the Bank accounted for an estimated 48% of clients and 38% of transactions.

BancoEstado App: One of Chile’s ten most downloaded applications

Chile is one of the most developed countries in the mobile telephony markets of Latin America, with a high rate of adoption of "smart phones" and, therefore, with a high potential for the use of mobile Apps.

The BancoEstado App was launched in September 2016, reaching 11.4 million users in March 2022, with 387 million monthly average transactions during the first quarter of 2022. In addition, during 2021 the BancoEstado App It was the most used banking application in Chile and was in 3rd place among the most downloaded in South America.

The Social Network platforms have continued to consolidate themselves as channels validated by customers when interacting, either in search of answers and advice or to make their opinion known in the relationship with the bank and its environment.


BancoEstado is Chile’s leading bank in the use of Internet and mobile platforms in terms of both number of clients and volume of transactions.

During 2021, an average of about 149.6 million visits were made per month to the portal, maintaining the first place of the most visited financial portals. On the other hand, an average of 9.8 million people who operated monthly in the same period. This represents a growth of 100% compared to 2020.

BancoEstado has the country’s most visited Internet portal. The public access website receives over 120 million visits a month and is used for an average of 55 million transactions each month.

Mobile services

In March 2022, , a total of 11.4 million users occupied the  BancoEstado's Mobile 2.0 App.

A monthly average of 386.5 million transactions were carried out during the first quarter of 2022, 31.5% more than in the same period of the previous year.

Innovating in mobile applications

This mobile application has new features: GiroQR and payment of public transport (Pasaje QR).

  • The GiroQR allows to turn money from CajaVecina with theBancoEstado's Mobile 2.0 App.
  • The Pasaje QR let pays the public transport with the mobile application .

This mobile application has a number of benefits both for the Bank and the country in that, it contributes to the digitization of cash, leverages financial inclusion by adding value to a CuentaRUT account, reduces transaction costs, allows clients to complete the full payment cycle through the Bank and adds value to the services it provides.

Social networks and telephony

Both the Bank’s telephone platform and its social networks platform play a fundamental role in the way it relates to people, whether or not they are clients. They operate 24/7, providing information and advice.

BancoEstado's social networks showed significant growth in its community in 2022, both on Twitter and Facebook, which is reflected in an increase in fans and followers. BancoEstado currently has 559 thousand fans on its Fanpage and 340 thousand followers on its official Twitter account.

During 2022, we will maintain permanent contact with the followers of our accounts to deliver key information on hours and places of attention, benefits, products and services, as well as to answer their questions and queries. Our RRSS community continues to grow and places us in a leadership position in the industry by adding the number of followers on all the platforms where we participate with more than 1.2 million followers between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.